Expanding Business Operation ? . . . . Operate a Training Business ?

Are you a part of an expanding business operation that needs to move quickly or part of a global operator but with the authority and responsibility to make a difference

Training Scope makes it so easy for you to take everything of value you have captured in your operating procedures at operation/location number one, to operation/location numbers two and three and four and (you get the picture-right!) and in a matter of hours have them setup and ready to go.

It is even quicker than cut and paste but equally, Training Scope allows you the flexiblity to modify the procedures at each site to meet their own requirements. Afterall, there will always be some aspects that differ, whether it be the culture, the physical attributes of the site or location or the infrastructure of local laws etc.

On the otherhand, there are some things that must always be the same because they are at the core of who you are. Training Scope recognizes this and that is why there is a mandatory classification which allows you to say….don’t change this…always do it this way.

It is this area of flexiblity where Training Scope is very strong. The flexibility to be flexible and inflexible…whatever YOU decide, whenever YOU decide and to what degree YOU decide.

And an important part of growing your new operation is to have the information at your finger tips. Wherever you are in the world you have secure access to the site and all of the information about the staff build up and the progress they are making towards their pre-opening training objectives. With an opportunity to insert your own benchmarks you have the means to keep them all goal focused and you can ratchet up the goals as you approach the critical days leading to the launch date.

Training Scope puts you in control and allows you the time to deal with all of the other issues surrounding the opening of a new opearion, safe in the knowledge that your team has the means and the knowhow to get you and your business to where they need to be.

To watch a short video presentation outlining the basic construction and benefits of the Training system. Click here

Licensing Opportunities

Are you a training business that is looking for a competitive advantage in your field?

OK, so you have your own training business together with your materials and processes.

You get a client, you take your processes and materials into their business and you conduct the training as per contract.

But why stop there. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to maintain a close and ongoing training relationship with your clients.

By putting all your materials onto Training Scope and linking up to the training of new staff, the evaluation process of all of the operational team and the evolving processes of the client, you will become an invaluable partner to their success on an ongoing basis.

Training Scope offers licensing opportunities for interested training delivery specialists. It is great to be picking up new clients but why not work on turning your existing clients into long term projects that make both you and them even more succesful.

The cost of working with Training Scope as your delivery and long term relationship system with your client is minimal.

We would be happy to discuss outcomes for you that work effectively within your buisness model. After all, if it doesn’t work for you it ultimately won’t work for us either.

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