Operating Procedures

Hotel Departments – Operating Procedures 

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The Hotel Operating Procedures listed on this page are being added to all of the time by our team of expert writers, who have many years of experience to draw upon. If you want something that is not on our list…go to Contact Us and..need we say it..contact us! or maybe you just have a general inquiry..it costs nothing to “Contact Us”.

Department Rooms Procedures
Including      Front Desk Procedures
and              Reservations Procedures
and              Concierge/Porters Procedures

Currently Available;

Front Office Procedures

FD-Arrival Preparations

FD-Check In Before the Room is Ready

FD-Check In Walk In Guests

FD-Check In a Challenged Guest

FD-Check In a Cash Only Guest

FD-Check In Day Use

FD-Check In Groups

FD-Cash Handling Procedures

FD-Cash Paid Out

FD-Advance Deposits

FD-After Departure Charges

FD-Agent Voucher Procedure

FD-Cash Float

FD-Acceptable Payment Methods

FD-Check Out Process

FD-Check Out with Credit Card

FD-Check Out with Cash

FD-Check Out Share Rooms

FD-Check Out by Company Charge

FD-Check Out by Company Cheque

FD-Check Out Complimentary Room

FD-Confirming Room Departures

FD-Control of Rooms Inventory

FD-Credit Card Authorization

FD-Credit Card Cash Advances

FD-Disputed and Rebated Charges

FD-Extension of Stay

FD-Foreign Currency Exchange

FD-Group Master Accounts

FD-Group Room Allocations

FD-Group Check Out

FD-Check In

FD-Manual and Miscellaneous Charges

FD-Guest Room Change

FD-Reservations by Phone and In Person

FD-Check In – in the Room

FD-Late Check Out Charges

FD-Long Stay Guest Folio and Check Out

FD-Mail and Message Service

FD-Guest Feedback

FD-Manual Credit Card Posting

FD-Mini Bar Check for Departing Guests

FD-Miscellaneous Charges

FD-No Show Guests

FD-Over Booked Situations

FD-Preparing Registration Cards for Arriving Guests

FD-Registration at Busy Times

FD-Registration Card Review

FD-Request for a Guests Room Number

FD-Request for Room Keys

FD-Room Discrepancies

FD-Room Upgrades

FD-Safe Deposit Boxes

FD-Shift Cashiers Balance

FD-Shift Cashiering Audit

FD-Show Room for Site Inspections

FD-Travellers Cheques

FD-Guest Turn Away Service

FD-Unclaimed Deposits

FD-Group Billings-Verify Accuracy

FD-Very Important Persons (VIP’s)

FD-Visitor (non house guest) Registration

Reservations Procedures

RSV-Answering the Phone

RSV-Report – Arrivals

RSV-Record of Calls

RSV-Charge Account to a Third Party

RSV-Check Availability

RSV-Codes you Need to Know

RSV-Establishing Credit and Charge Account

RSV-External Order for Amenities to Guest Room

RSV-Gift Voucher Reservation

RSV-Gift Vouchers – Issue

RSV-Reservations – Internal

RSV-Late Check-in and Check-out Times

RSV-Report – Lost Business

RSV-Reservations – Matching Guests to Room and Rate

RSV-Report – Morning Reports

RSV-No Shows

RSV-Reservations – Penthouse – Recognition

RSV-Reservations – Records

RSV-Reservations – Cancellation-Refund Deposit

RSV-Reservations – Request for Extra Bedding

RSV-Reservation Call Back

RSV-Reservations – Waitlisted

RSV-Enquiries-Respond by Fax and Email

RSV-Room Allocations and Blocking

RSC-Reservation – Guaranteed Reservation

RSV-Reservation – Amendment

RSV-Reservation – Cancellation

RSV-Reservation – Silent Booking

RSV-Reservation – Taking a Reservation

RSV-Rates – Industry and Travel Agent

RSV-Report – VIP-Daily

RSV-Reservation – VIP Statusing

RSV-Wholesaler – Account Setup

Concierge and Porters Procedures

CN-Greeting Guests on Arrival

CN-Assisting Guests on Check In

CN-Check Out

CN-Check Out – Farewell the Guest


CN-Luggage-Lost by the Airlines


CN-Rooming Guests and Room Changes

CN-Flag Protocol

CN-Key Control

CN-Booking Tours or Transport

CN-Vehicle-Guest -Valet Parking

CN-Luggage Trolley

CN-Maintaining the Lobby

CN-Distribution of Newspapers

CN-Paging Guests

CN-Package Delivery Service

CN-Postage Stamps

CN-Taxi Service

CN-Shift Preparation

CN-Umbrella Service


CN-Driver Waiting for Guests

CN-Vehicle-Hotel-Logbook & Handover

CN-Airport Relationships

Telephones and Business Centre Procedures

BC-Appointment and Meeting Services

BC-Binding Services

BC-Boardroom Rental

BC-Business Centre Equipment Rental

BC-Dealing With Guest Requests

BC-Gift Shop Transactions

BC-Internet Use Procedure

BC-Interpreter and Translator Services

BC-Local and International Couriers Services

BC-Maintenance of Business Centre Library

BC-Meeting Room Rental

BC-Photocopying Services

BC-Processing Guest Payment

BC-Processing Incoming Fax Messages

BC-Processing Outgoing Fax Messages

BC-Processing Telephone Calls

BC-Safety Deposit Box Procedures

BC-Secretarial Services

BC-Typing Services

BC-Workstation- Allocation and Use

TEL-Call Transfer -Accuracy

TEL-Calls for Guest Rooms

TEL-Confidential Stays-Call Handling

TEL-Connecting Room to Room Calls

TEL-Dealing with Bomb Threat Calls to the Hotel

TEL-Dealing with System Failure

TEL-Do Not Disturb Status Requests

TEL-Failure to Connect a Call

TEL-Finding Guests

TEL-Paging the Guest

TEL-Personalizing the Guest Experience

TEL-Baby Sitter Services Requests

TEL-Communications Co-ordination and Follow Up

TEL-Guest Complaint Handling

TEL-Guest Requests for Telephone Numbers

TEL- Housekeeping Services Requests

TEL-In Room Dining Requests

TEL-Overnight Calls

TEL-Recording Guest Messages

TEL-Requests for Bell Desk Services

TEL-Responding to Guest Requests

TEL-Processing Restaurant Reservation Requests

TEL-Room Maintenance Requests

TEL-Screening Calls to Guests

TEL-Wake Up Calls for Groups

TEL-Wake Up Calls for FIT’s


Department: Housekeeping Procedures
and              Laundry Procedures


HOUSEKEEPING – Operations Policy Overview

HK-Housekeeping Carpet Spots

HK-Requisition Housekeeping Supplies

HK-Maintenance Requests

HK-Lost and Found

HKF-Articles On Loan To Guests

HKF-Cleaning Guest Rooms

HKF-Collecting IRD Trays and Trolleys

HKF-Daily Room Cleaning Process

HKF-Daily Task Assignment

HKF-Pick-up and delivery of guest dry cleaning

HKF-Guest Floors Public Areas Maintenance

HKF-Guest Room Inspection

HKF-Breakage of Guest Belongings

HKF-Room has Do Not Disturb

HKF-Handling Guest Personal Belongings

HKF-Guest Refusing Service

HKF-Handling a Guest Request

HKF-Room Items Damaged By Guest

HKF-Key Control

HKF-Return Laundry to Guest

HKF-Mini bar Daily Replenishment

HKF-Mini-bar Cleaning

HKF-Minibar Check for Departure Rooms

HKF-Proper Use of Chemicals

HKF-Request to Open a Guest Room Door

HKF-Cots and Rollaways

HKF-Room Status

HKF-Service Areas Cleanliness and Maintenance

HKF-Show Rooms

HKF-Trolley Preparation

HKF-Turn Down Service

HKF-Welcome Fruit Set-up

HKL-Linen – Drying and Folding

HKL-Laundry Equipment Maintenance

HKL-Laundry – Fire Safety and Security

HKL-Guest Laundry – Express Service

HKL-Guest Laundry Billing

HKL-Guest Laundry Registration

HKL-Guest Laundry Complaints

HKL-Laundry Collection

HKL-Laundry Drying Process

HKL-Laundry Marking

HKL-Laundry Process

HKL-Linen Control

HKL-Linen Pressing

HKL-Linen Washing

HKL-Remove dirty linen from service rooms

HKL-Safe Equipment Operation – Laundry

HKL-Uniform Control

HKL-VIP Laundry Service

HKP-Ballroom Cleaning

HKP-Bronze and Brass Polishing

HKP-Carpet Shampooing

HKP-Cleaning Outside Perimeter of the Hotel

HKP-Lobby Cleaning

HKP-Cleaning Marble

HKP-Restaurant Daily Cleaning

HKP-Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning

HKP-Window Cleaning

Department Food & Beverage Service Procedures
Including      Bars and Beverage Procedures
and              Banquet Procedures
and              F&B General Procedures
and              Room Service (IRD) Procedures
and              Restaurant Procedures



FBV-Presenting the Guest Check

FBV-Bar Cleaning

FBV-Bar Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance

FBV-Bar Equipment Setup

FBV-Serving Food and Beverage at the Bar

FBV-Communicating with Bar Guests

FBV-Beverage Display Setup

FBV-Coffee Machine Cleaning and Maintenance

FBV-Dispensing Food and Beverage


FBV-Making Cold Beverages

FBV-Making Hot Beverages

FBV-Making Mixed Drinks and Cocktails

FBV-Operating Bar Glass Washer

FBV-Refrigerator Cleaning and Maintenance

FBV-Stocking the Bar

FBV-Store Requisitions – Receiving and Preparing

FBV-Table Service

FBV-Waste and Consumption Sheets


FBQ-Additional Banqueting Equipment

FBQ-Additional Room Setups

FBQ-Service Material Setup

FBQ-Audio Visual and Specialized Equipment

FBQ-Banqueting Tables Setup

FBQ-Bar Service

FBQ-Beverage Service, Table Side

FBQ-Booking an External Function

FBQ-Booking an In-house Function

FBQ-Buffet Service

FBQ-Cloak Room Service

FBQ-Closing Duties, Banquet Rooms

FBQ-Coffee or Tea Break Service

FBQ-Customer Service during Functions

FBQ-Food Service, Plated

FBQ-Greeting of Guests

FBQ-Coordination with Guest Liaison

FBQ-Guest Tables and Chairs Setup

FBQ-China, Glass and Cutlery


FBQ-Opening Duties Banquet Rooms

FBQ-Outside Catering Functions

FBQ-Pre and Post Service Briefings

FBQ-Refreshing a Room

FBQ-Set up of the Portable Dance Floor

FBQ-Setting Wine Buckets and Stands

FBQ-Setting up a Bar

FBQ-Setting up a Buffet

FBQ-Setting up a Cocktail Reception

FBQ-Setting up a Coffee / Tea Break

FBQ-Setting up a Conference Room

FBQ-Setting up a Boardroom Meeting

FBQ-Setting up a Meeting Room

FBQ-Setting up a Plated Dinner

FBQ-Setting up a Training Room / Classroom

FBQ-Side Stations Setup and Required Equipment

FBQ-Signboards and Nametags

FBQ-Skirting of Tables and Stages

FBQ-Special Requests

FBQ-Storage and Maintenance of Equipment

 Operating Procedures are included Free with Training Scope.

 In Process and Coming Soon

Security Operating Procedures

Workplace Health & Safety

and a whole lot more.

Also Currently Available;


FB-Assisting Guests with Special Needs

FB-Cash Deposit Procedure

FB-Docket Control

FB-Entertainment and Officers Checks

FB-Guests Awaiting Seating



FB-Processing Payments


FB-Maintaining Stock Levels

FB-Outlet Cash Float

FB-Outlet Repairs and Maintenance

FB-Post Service Debrief

FB-Pre-Service Briefing

FB-Storing Goods and Equipment

FB-Voids and Cancelled Checks

FB-Weekly Duty Roster

FB-Closing Duties

FB-Guest Confidentiality

FB-Managing Guest Conflict

FB-Opening Duties


FBI-Charging Amenities

FBI-Cleaning Trolleys and Hot Boxes

FBI-Collecting Breakfast Orders

FBI-Daily Amenities Setup

FBI-Delivering Guest Amenities

FBI-Delivering the IRD Order

FBI-Floor Checks

FBI-Guest Requests Delivery at Door


FBI-No Answer at Delivery

FBI-Order Payment

FBI-Input Order to POS

FBI-Preparing Breakfast Orders

FBI-Special Requests

FBI-Taking an Order

FBI-Trolley and Tray Setup

FBI-Trolley Collection from Rooms


FBR-Adjusting Cutlery

FBR-Beverage Service

FBR-Breakfast Service

FBR-Buffet Setup

FBR-Champagne Service

FBR-Clearing a Buffet

FBR-Clearing Courses

FBR-Coffee Service

FBR-Food Service

FBR-Greeting Guests

FBR-Guest Departure




FBR-Kitchen Coordination

FBR-Maintaining the Buffet

FBR-Presenting the Guest Check

FBR-Presenting the Menu and Specials

FBR-Refreshing a Table

FBR-Reservations Management

FBR-Restaurant Cleanliness

FBR-Restaurant Setup

FBR-Seating Guests

FBR-Seating Plan Management

FBR-Special Requests

FBR-Steps of Service

FBR-Taking a Beverage Order

FBR-Taking a Food Order

FBR-VIP Guests

FBR-Wine Service

Department: Kitchen Procedures
and               Stewarding Procedures



KIT-Cooking Hamburger Meat

KIT-Hygiene – Gloves

KIT-First Aid

KIT-Food Allergy Awareness

KIT-Food Use by Dates

KIT-Preparation of Raw Dishes

KIT-Reheating Food

KIT-Frozen Oysters

KIT-Cleaning and Handling Knives

KIT-Food Cooling

KIT-Cutting Boards

KIT-Goods Receiving and Transfer

KIT-Maintaining Buffet Temperatures

KIT-Maintaining Freezer Temperatures

KIT-Food – Thawing

KIT-Maintaining Coolers and Freezers

KIT-Hygiene – Personal

KIT-Hygiene – Hand Washing

KIT-Prepared Food Coding System

KIT-Prepared Foods Shelf Life

KIT-Storage of Dry Goods

KIT-Storage of Frozen Goods

KIT-Storage of Raw and Cooked Foods

KIT-Storage of Refrigerated Food

KIT-Transferring Hot Food

KIT-Vacuum Packaging of Food


ST-Chemicals to Use

ST-Equipment Cleaning Schedule

ST-Chemical Storage and Handling

ST-Cleaning Operating Equipment

ST-Cleaning Cutting Boards

ST-Cleaning Deep Fryers

ST-Cleaning Dishwashing Section

ST-Cleaning the Dough Roller

ST-Cleaning Exhaust Hood Filters

ST-Cleaning Salamanders

ST-Cleaning Stock Pots

ST-Cleaning Tiled and Painted Walls

ST-Cleaning Tiled Floors

ST-Cleaning Trolleys, Racks and Shelves

ST-Cleaning Stove Tops

ST-Cleaning Stove Burners

ST-Daily Stewarding Procedures and Schedule

ST-Dishwashing Area Setup

ST-Health and Safety Procedures

ST-Maintenance Reporting

ST-Operating Dry and Wet Vacuum Machines

ST-Operating the Burnishing Machine

ST-Polishing Chafing Dishes

ST-Pot Wash Area Cleaning and Maintenance

ST-Replacing Oil in Deep Fryers

ST-Setup and Clearing of Banqueting Stations

ST-Inventory Par Stock System

ST-Inventory, Stocktaking

ST-Chemical Requisition

ST-Cleaning the Garbage Bin Room

ST-Cleaning Garbage Bins

ST-Polishing Silverware

ST-Silverware Cleanliness and Maintenance

ST-Crockery Cleaning and Maintenance

ST-Crockery General Handling and Storage

ST-Cleaning Cutlery

ST-Cutlery General Handling and Storage

ST-Stainless Steel Cutlery Upkeep

ST-Pot Wash and Cleanliness

ST-Pot Wash Storage

ST-Clearing the Garbage

ST-Glassware Cleaning and Maintenance

ST-Glassware General Handling and Storage

ST-Cleaning Exhaust Hood Filters

ST-Cleaning the Tilt Pans

ST-Avoiding Breakages

ST-Clean and Maintain Restaurant Domes

ST-Cleaning Drains

ST-Cleaning Floor Mats

ST-Cleaning Floors

ST-Cleaning Fridges and Freezers

ST-Cleaning Meat Slicer

ST-Cleaning Large Mixer (non removable bowl)

ST-Cleaning Small Mixer (removable bowl)

ST-Cleaning Ovens, Grills and Griddles

ST-Cleaning Pastry Oven

ST-Cleaning Portable Hot Boxes

ST-Cleaning Steam Ovens

ST-Cleaning the Loading Dock

ST-Dishwashing Machine Operation

(Department: Spa Procedures- Work in Progress
Department: Health Club Procedures -Work in Progress
Department: Security Procedures-Work in Progress)

Currently Available;
Department: HR & Training Procedures


HR-Employee Commencement

HR-Personnel File

HR-Employee’s Personal Record Changes

HR-Code of Conduct

HR-Competency Certification

HR-Confirmation and Contract Renewal

HR-Training – Cross Training

HR-Departing Employee

HR-Orientation – Department

HR-Department Training Kit

HR-Disciplinary Procedures

HR-Employee Requisition

HR-Employment Procedure

HR-External Application

HR-Termination – Finalization Pay

HR-Grooming Standard

HR-Orientation – Hotel – Kit

HR-Orientation – Hotel

HR-Human Resources Induction

HR-Internal Candidates

HR-Issued Items

HR-Locker Inspection

HR-Misconduct Form

HR-Multi Skilling Program

HR-Orientation – New Employees Checklist

HR-Training – On-going

HR-Payroll – Overtime

HR-Payroll – Time & Attendance-Management

HR-Payroll-Time & Attendance-Non Management

HR-Performance Appraisal

HR-Termination Notice

HR-Training – Standard

HR-Use of Hotel Facilities

HR-Workplace Harassment

(Department Finance & Admin Procedures
Work in Progress)

Department Marketing Procedures
Including      Sales Procedures
and              Public Relations Procedures


SM-Sales – Account Action Criteria

SM-Sales – Account Files

SM-Sales – Account Management

SM-Sales – Market Segments Criteria

SM-Sales – Action Plans

SM-Advertising Placement

SM-Event – Banquet Menus and Packages

SM-Booking Requests By Fax

SM-Booking Requests Overview

SM-Business Referrals

SM-Business Trips

SM-Collateral Production

SM-Managing Social Media

SM-Complimentary Rooms

SM-Handling Complaints


SM-Contract Administration

SM-Sales – Daily Briefing

SM-Deposit Policy

SM-Direct Mailing

SM-Entertainment: Sales

SM-Event – Conclusion

SM-Event – Inquiries

SM-Event – Invoicing

SM-Event – Order – Issue

SM-Event – Quotations – Issue

SM-Event – Proposal – Issue

SM-Event –on the Day and Underway

SM-Event – Daily Summary

SM-Event – Survey After Event

SM-Gift Certificate Donation Requests

SM-Give Away items

SM-VIP – Government Guests

SM-Group – Cancellation

SM-Group – Confirmation

SM-Group – Administraing

SM-Group – Inquiries

SM-Staff – Activity and Performance

SM-Media – and Public Inquiries

SM-Media – Press Releases

SM-Media – Relationships

SM-Media – Interviews

SM-Meeting – Monthly Sales & Marketing

SM-Report – Monthly MICE

SM-Performance Monitoring

SM-PR – Photo Shoot

SM-PR Presentation

SM-Room Rate Integrity

SM-Room Upgrades

SM-Sales – Administration

SM-Sales – Blitz

SM-Sales – Calls – Individual

SM-Sales – Calls – Joint

SM-Sales – Management System

SM-Site Inspection – Media

SM-Site Inspection – Planned

SM-Site Inspection – Unplanned

SM-Room – Sold Out

SM-VIP – Guests

SM-Report – Lost Business

Department Engineering Procedures
A Clean Workplace

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Asset Controls

Battery Maintenance

Bearing Condition And Operation Checks

Chiller Readings

Department Log Book

Electrical Equipment Maintenance

Electrical Switchboard Maintenance

Electronic Door Lock Batteries-Change

Emergency Generator

Employee Rosters

Fault Finding

Fire and Emergency System Checks

Furniture Repairs

Hydraulic Hose Maintenance

Key Control

Kitchen Equipment

Light Bulb Inventory

Lighting Checks

Maintain Hotel Plant Rooms

Maintenance Requests Process

Morning Briefing

Non R&M Work Request

Operating Inventories

Operating Machinery and Equipment

Painting to Standard

Plant Inspections

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Replacement of Defective TV’s

Shift Duties and Responsibilities

Spare Parts Ordering

Staff Behavior Standard and Guidelines

Supervision of Work


Tool Inventories

Work Assignment

Hotel Departments – Operating Procedures  All of the listed procedures are supplied free in certain circumstances. Visit the HOME page to learn more and see some examples and samples of what we can deliver. The Hotel Operating Procedures listed on this 

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