Features and Benefits

There are three key platforms

  • The Standards and Procedures database and management system
  • The training and certification process and dashboard reporting
  • The integrity of the integrated database

Training Scope creates a direct correlation between the outcomes mandated by the operational imperatives of the business and the training inputs delivered by the people development process.

Training Scope provides the opportunity to:

  1. Open new branches in a much shorter time span. The operating procedures and training essential to your culture can be set up in a matter of days, allowing for a much shorter time frame for bringing your new business units on line. Your team need only select the appropriate structure and procedures (usually a straight forward copy from one of your existing operations), modify for the local entity as appropriate, and begin training. The faster you get your new unit open, the faster you start getting the return on your investment.
  2. Reduce staff turnover due to the involvement and focus on people development. Even a small reduction in your staff turnover can considerably improve your bottom line.
  3. Improve customer satisfaction due to improved knowledge and efficiency of staff because Training Scope focuses on certification of staff in all of the operating procedures and ensures that everyone is working from the same source of current information. Improved customer service increases customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and repeat business. The least expensive revenue source you can attract to your business is the repeat business of the customer you already have


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  1. Speed up delivery of new product and services because of Training Scopes ability to reach all of your branches, departments, associates etc, in an instant. This is the major plus of the online process. Get your product available to market before your competitor can.
  2. Spread the corporate culture by a process that is quicker than anything else. Drive the changes needed via well documented processes that hold your people to account. The certification process is very transparent and open to audit. What gets measured, gets done.
  1. Have complete security of your valuable corporate knowledge store (your “institutional” knowledge) which is what sets you apart from your competitors and embraces your point of difference. Training Scope operates on a high level of web security and the repository of all of your data is backed up daily so that the valuable information is secure.
  2. Features and Benefits. Successful and Profitable business is a combination of many things. That is why we see Training Scope as a “whole of business” approach that is not contained purely in the scope of the Human Resource function. Whilst the Training Team is the logical functional department for driving the process, the benefits are spread right across the organization. The following schedule looks at the additional features of Training Scope, some of which are integral to the benefits already set out above, and others that introduce some new benefits that will contribute to the overall good health of the organization.


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