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Over 600 hotel standard operating procedures for hotel developers, owners, operators and managers.  Last chance-Closing down sale 40% Off all of our operating procedures until March 31, 2018 – go to Shop-Downloads. This is your last chance to get the procedures and avoid the tedium of having to write your own.

TrainingScope – for the power to get it right the first time and every time.

Quick start your hotel project or revitalize your operation and unleash the power of your people.

Our customers include:

      • Individual hotel owners and operators
      • Branded hotel chains
      • Hotel startup and training specialists

TrainingScope is an inexpensive way to ensure that your procedures, training and people are fully aligned to achieve an environment of consistently improving service delivery from setup and onward into the future.

Let’s face it. You are a very busy person with a lot to do in a short space of time (and still have a life).

You need a lot of policy and procedures established and you know you cannot commence effective staff training until you are confident that you have effective policy and operating procedures in place.

The problem you have is time. You need a way to delegate this work but still maintain oversight and control, with a means to measure progress and take corrective action if needed.

What we are talking about here is the need for you to direct this activity whilst others actually do it!

TrainingScope provides the opportunity for collaboration in developing the best possible policy and procedure and a highly effective team, whilst allowing you the time to focus on other responsibilities and the achievement of the bottom line.

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To watch a short video presentation outlining the basic construction and benefits of the Training system. Click here

Our Hotel Standard Operating Procedures and our Training Management software are perfect products for you. Our standard operating procedures are a perfect platform on which to build your training. Our web based TrainingScope system is a simple but highly effective method by which to manage your Operating Procedures. The outcome is an effective training and evaluation process for Your People. TrainingScope is focused on ensuring the delivery of Your Promise to Your Customers. Speed up the opening of new hotels or new outlets or the spread of a new culture or critical company process.

TrainingScope is equally effective whether you are a stand alone hotel or part of a major chain. We all have people to train and we need to make sure that the training is focused on the things that need to be done well. If your goal is to;

  • Improve staff retention
  • Raise levels of competency
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Boost profit
  • Prepare for growth




Do you just want the Hotel Standard Operating Procedures?

We supply the hotel standard operating procedures that you need for your staff training. It is the standard operating procedures that you need, rather than any manual that you will have to disect and translate into operating procedures before you can even begin to train your people. You can see our selection of operating procedures at Download-Shop. With the operating procedures in hand you can develop the job position profiles and the training activity plans. Better still, sign up to TrainingScope and get all of the procedures for free and the system to manage the process. Take advantage of our current and final 40% discount sale – ending 31 March 2018. Go to Downloads-Shop for more details.

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To watch a short video presentation outlining the basic construction and benefits of the Training system. Click here

Hotels who engage with TrainingScope may benefit from our innovative business model that can free you from the onerous task of writing all of your hotel operating procedures.

Setting up your first hotel? Need a hand? We will work with you to put the dream together. We have the experience we have the know how. We are based in Australia but our business is global.  All you have to do is contact us.

Think about it. You have your business model and your hotel design established. You know the star level you want to operate at and the features and facilities that you want to market to your target customers. Now what do you need? You need to know every task that has to be completed by your staff in order to operate the systems of your business and deliver the product that you envisage. It is a testing and time consuming thing to come up with the tasks, job designs, performance standard, training program and performance evaluation process. You can’t just pick it off a shelf. It needs to be dynamic and it needs to reflect who you are.    We Can Help.    Contact Us.

Training Scope is an ideal system for any industry, whether it be for operating or opening hotels, franchises, retail outlets, manufacturing, mining, in fact any business that requires accurate and up to date operating procedures and a system to ensure that they are followed. Borne out of the needs of international class hotels, Training Scope has been redefined to work in any scale, from the one off first time business to multinational, geographically dispersed enterprises. There are also licensing opportunities for existing training businesses that see value in providing an effective training management system for their clients.

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